Our women’s ministry focuses on personal reverence training and spirtual armament.

Through Jesus’ overflowing love we are taking care of the difficulties in the church

and sharing love with neighbours.

We will do our utmost to spread the gospel

Cell Group

The groups are organised into 4 cells and have cell meetings about once a week.
There are many changes due to COVID-19,
but the spiritually speaking movement and prayer are reviving.

Intercessory prayer meeting / Bible study

Intercessory prayer starts at 10:30 every Tuesday,
and from 11am Romans Bible study is being conducted through zoom.
In order to truly understand the truth of the gospel through the Word and to stand upright as a person of faith who lives according to the Holy Spirit in a new life where I die and live again with Jesus,
we learn the Word from the senior pastor and afterwards we have 30 minutes of sincere sharing, repentance and restoration.

Ten Ten prayer

1010 prayer meetings are held every night, starting at 10 o’clock every night for more than 10 minutes of free prayer.
Currently, we are interceding for individual prayers, missions, church, family salvation, and Sunday worship for 45 minutes.

Activity / QT

In order to share specific words and encourage believers to live in faith,
each group meeting is active, and a QT meditation is posted in the entire room of the Women’s Evangelism Association every morning.

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